Close the window, open a door

1_Seema KumarAfter 34 years of working for others, the decision to quit and start something of my own was a major one. The idea that took seed almost 10 years ago finally found fruition only now. I am raring to go and so are all those closely associated with me and this company.

In all my years of working, I always put in my best efforts as far as my work was concerned. Sometimes at the cost of my family! Now as an entrepreneur, my work has doubled but this time my family is with me!  At the end of the day, the glow of having achieved something is brighter and that much sweeter.

I was very apprehensive at the thought of leaving a well-paid job to start something of my own. I would voice my feelings and then chicken out. Two months ago, my daughter sat me down and said, “Go ahead and put whatever ideas you have to practice. Start something and we will make it work.”

I think that is the fillip I needed. We brainstormed and now here we are, with 90caps.

We made it work and how! The Delhi Literature Fest 2015 happened and we got our first break. We put together three eight-pagers to be distributed at the fest and they caught the eye of not just the organizers but the audience too.

Our aim is to give quality editorial services to all. We are quite sure that with our collective experience, we will provide the best, by way of content, design, photos, the works.

This part of our website, our blog, is where we post articles on various subjects. These are not just our thoughts and opinions but also our way of telling you the kind of content we can provide.

So, raise a toast to the launch of 90caps! Raise another one to help it make a mark. Soon we will raise more toasts for each successful venture of ours. That too in 90caps BOLD!

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