Drawings from my diary

Birdie’s Dream 1, Ink on Paper, July 2016

Birdie’s Dream 1, Ink on Paper, July 2016

Check out Drawings from My Diary, an exhibition of watercolours, drawings in Conté and ink by Golak Khandual at Art Gallery, Kamaladevi Complex, India International Centre.

As a self-confessed nomadic architect with little time to go for the elaborate , traditional style of painting, artist Khandual has instead had to “make do with hoarding images in my little diaries and working from them as and when I have a window of opportunity.”

The present body of works are mostly inspired by images that are a part of the “riyaz I do of drawing and writing at dawn in the dark .This process by itself helps me hang on to my dreams, stitch my days together. Drawing in the dark, for me is mapping the world with an alternate sense of delineation. Above all, this is meditation in action for me,” says Khandual.  He adds that, he has also “included a few reproductions of Kathakali dancers from my diary, which I had drawn in the dark in joyous delirium.”

The exhibition is on at the Art Gallery, Kamaladevi Complex, Gate No. 1, India International Centre, from August 5-16, 11 am-7pm.

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