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What We Do


We write and provide content for your product, whatever it is. We’ll edit manuscripts, bring out magazines and write articles on niche subjects ranging across fashion, travel, politics and the arts. You name it; we’ll take care of it. We even ghost-write. Not the Casper variety.


We check for grammar and syntax. We also rewrite wherever necessary. Don’t worry, we’ll be discreet when we fix the ‘their’, ‘there’, ‘they’re’ errors. Your welcome. (Yes, that’s on purpose.)


Our designers often have sleepless nights thinking of the most appealing ways of putting together a newsletter. Okay, not really. But they do know the ins-and-outs of various design software.

About Us

Why 90caps? In newspaper parlance, long before TV news held the world hostage with its ‘breaking news’ tickers, editors would declare the importance of a news item by placing it on Page 1 in font size 90 and in capital letters. In short, 90caps bold!

It took 11 years of ‘to be or not to be’ before we finally launched 90caps. Shakespeare would be proud. A young company of senior professionals, we’ve come together to help all those in need to cross their Ts and dot their Is. We may sound young but we’re a group of former journalists with an average experience of over 30 years.

We have writing, editing, production, photography and design know-how; all the necessary ingredients required to cook up a perfect product. (That last sentence shows you our proficiency with semi-colons – the scourge of the grammar world.)

Who's Who

Founder Editor

Her career has seen her move from an office assistant to the publishing industry at Vikas Publishing House and finally to journalism. Her 34 years of experience includes time at the Patriot, the Sunday Mail and a 27-year long stint at the Hindustan Times. 90caps was her dream which she’s now made a reality.

Chief Financial Officer

He has a Bachelors of Commerce, an MBA and an LLB. His career has also moved from administration to marketing and finally settled down with finance. An investment consultant by day and a badminton, football and hockey enthusiast by night, he’s probably a sports journalist in a parallel universe.

Consulting Associate

She gave up her two decades stint at Hindustan Times to become Manager, Research and Documentation at the NGO, Azad Foundation and quit that for 90CAPS. Her career includes tenures at the National Herald, the Indian Express, an Indonesian newspaper and the Hindustan Times. As a follower of Shakyamuni Buddha’s teachings, she chooses to attribute all silly mistakes to the theory of cause and effect.

Consulting Associate

With an eye for detail and a constant thirst for knowledge, her three-decade career spans across publications like the Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Mail Today, Deccan Herald and more. A gifted raconteur who draws inspiration from people, places and things, she spins magic with her words and like vintage wine, the stories only get better with age!

Consulting Associate

A communications professional with over 15 years of experience, she’s worked with the Hindustan Times, Asian Age, Sahara Time among many others and now freelances. She is a hat enthusiast wearing many, often at once, including those of communications and editorial consultancy as well as media strategy development.

Consulting Associate

She topped her university in communication and journalism which landed her fun stints at The Times of India, the Hindustan Times, Career Launcher, Centre for Science and Environment and many others. But her biggest life lessons come from her extensive travels across India and the world and the people she met along the way.

Photo Editor

He has worked with the Central News Photo Service and then with the Hindustan Times. He began his career as a dark room assistant but he left the newspaper as Chief Photographer. In his 25-year-long career he has covered a myriad of sensitive and historical events.

Design Editor

He epitomizes the spirit of being the first to get a news scoop and was one of the initial people to learn how to design on a computer. In his 36-year-long career, he has always been the point person for any new development in the world of news design.

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